Effective Pest Control Techniques for Your Home

pest control

Examples of pests include the termites, ants, wasps and even the rodents. As harmless as they may seem, they pose a danger to our health. One should find an effective way of getting rid of them from the house before they affect your health and that of your family. This article will highlight some of the effective pest control techniques for your home that you can use.

Regular house cleaning

regular house cleaningMost of these pests are usually attracted to dirty houses. One should always ensure that they keep the house clean so that these pests do not find their way into the house. One should ensure that they do not leave any food on the table or even the kitchen counters since the pests will be attracted to your house through such leftovers. It is also necessary that one ensures that the garbage is disposed of at the correct place and the garbage bin lid should be tightly covered. More to that, any bedding that is flea infested should be washed regularly and dried in the sun to get rid of their eggs to prevent breeding.


This is all about ensuring that all the cracks, crevices and all the other entry points are sealed so that the pests do not find their way into the house. If these pests find their way into the house, even the most effective pesticides will not work since there will always be more pests coming into the house; the more you get rid of them, the more other new ones come back. First, start by getting rid of all their entry points then deal with the ones in the house and around the house if possible.

Use of essential oils

Essential oils are not only good for your body but your house as well. It has been discovered that essential oils help in getting rid of pests from the house. However, not all essential oils have this ability. The most used essential oils that help with this are the ones having peppermint, lemon, and lavender. When these essential oils are mixed in water for cleaning the house and the surfaces in the house, they make the house smell good as well as keep pests away.

Baking soda

Baking soda is known for its many uses around the home, and it also has a pest extermination agent. Mixing baking soda with either sugar or flour can be used for controlling pests in your house. Mix the baking soda properly with the sugar or flour and put it where the pests frequently show up. This works especially for mice since they find it hard to digest it once swallowed. This ends up killing them, and you can easily find them at their hiding sites.

Such methods are the safest, especially when used at home since pesticides may be harmful when kids land their hands on them. Alternatively, one should find some pest control services form professional pest exterminators who not only get rid of the existing pests but also reduce the chances of them coming back again.…